Nissan (E)NV200 Pick Up

Zero-emission is the magic word when it’s about environmental regulation. With the introduction of the Nissan e-NV200, Nissan became an important position in the market for light commercial vehicles.The smallest Nissan Van is the ideal car for those who are looking for a complete equiped 100% elektric commercial vehicle.
The NV200 is also available as a  petrol or diesel version.

Veth Automotive now makes it possible to deliver the Nissan e-NV200 and NV200 as a compact Pick-Up version. The compact dimensions and the practical cargobox make the (e)NV200 Pick-Up a perfect car for gardeners, public workers, municipal cleansing departments, etc.

Nissan ENV200 pick-up

Nissan ENV200 pick-up

The (e)NV200 Pick-Up is available in 4 basic versions:
– Pick-Up Basic; open cargo body with solid sideboards and a hatch
– Pick-Up Dropside; open cargo body with foldable aluminium side boards
– Pick-Up Tipper; tilting open cargo body with foldable aluminium side boards
– Pick-Up Dustsweeper; tilting dustsweeper body in lightweight plastic

For the (e)NV200 Pick-Up are several options available such as cabin protection, tool boxes, optical lightning, PU coating etc.

Please contact us for more information. We will kindly inform you about all specifications and possibilities.

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