New Quick Response Vehicle

Veth Automotive has built  a video car for the National Police in collaboration with Inter Visuals for the efficient supply of current video. The client is the Rural Operations Centre (Dloc), which provides audiovisual support for the activities of the National Police. “We capture what happens behind the red and white ribbon,” said Bert van Dijk, Coordinator Dloc.

Efficient current picture information
Bert signaled a growing need for rapid deployment in emergencies, doing more with fewer people and have immediate image available. The wishes are translated into new video vehicle, which one person from arriving at a location live camera images within 15 minutes provide in the police control room. This video compact vehicle can be operated by one person. On arrival at site, the camera is mounted on the roof and booted all. Through the built satellite overview images are immediately visible in the police control room. Then the same person with a shoulder camera into the field to make too close images. These are sent to the bus via a wireless connection and so offered by the police on the national video network.


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